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ada rave cuarteto – la continuidad [download gratuito y streaming]

la continuidad, the first album from the ada rave cuarteto! the group is a fury of sound. intensely focused free improvisations give rise to pre-conceived compositions that allow the quartet to stretch out. they pay tribute to their inspirations – monk, braxton, ornette and dolphy – but, from that starting point, they set off in their own direction. lots of space, lots of listening to each other. quiet studies in the limits of their instruments. swing pulse rhythms on post modern be-bop. a genuine sound of joy.

ada rave, saxo tenor, alto y soprano / wenchi lazo, guitarras + fx / martín de lassaletta, contrabajo / martín lópez grande, batería.

grabado en estudios ION, 2 de junio 2011, buenos aires
técnico, mezcla y masterización: luis baque / arte: tempe hernández
all songs are collective free improvisations except for tracks 3, 5, 9 by ada rave; 4 by martín de lassaletta, 8 by eric dolphy.

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