intento de archivo de la escena ¿experimental? de buenos aires


leonel kaplan, diego chamy, ivar grydeland (22.07.2004)

Leonel Kaplan, Diego Chamy, Ivar Grydeland [FLAC]

Leonel Kaplan: trumpet
Diego Chamy: percussion
Ivar Grydeland: banjo and electronic devices

Deck, Valparaiso
22 July, 2004

The Live Music Archive Series is an occasional collection of free lossless downloads of music. The music in this new series is available only as a lossless FLAC download. The decision to release the music in this format only is a conscious, considered one. If you need to know more about FLAC or where to get a free player/converter visit this site. If you have any trouble listening to the music here otherwise drop me a line and I will see if I can make alternative arrangements for you. There is also no audio player on the page, so you cannot just stream the music at the click of a button. Why is this? Well I firmly believe that this kind of music suffers a lot if compressed in any way, and as a lover of music I want to present it in as good condition as I receive it. Also, many people nowadays listen to music via their computer’s internal speakers, which are inevitably not very good. By not adding a stream player at the webpage I hope I am encouraging people to download the music and then either burn it to a disc and play it on the stereo or load it onto their iPod or similar.

text borrowed from “The Listen Series” by Richard Pinnell