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joaquín gutiérrez hadid - vending machine (2009)

joaquín gutiérrez hadid - vending machine [escucha online y download gratuito]

The 'Vending machine' is the first of a series of works regarding industrial design objects. These machines offer drinks, snacks and hot food. It is to remark that there's no human intervention in this process besides the buyer's. For that reason, a track was included with the manteinance services of one of the vending machines to make the whole process visible; the voices of the workers (responsible for the reloading of items inside the machine) including in this conversation the learning of one of them's work.
The composition attempts to show not only the interaction space generated by a daily moment, but also an analisis of the object itself.
The material was recorded during the first months of 2009 when I started to attend the Urbanism Degree Course. Every morning, in between classes, I used to buy from these vending machines located at the third floor of the building, not crowded, silent and with imponent resonance and visual presence of the machines. This way, I started to bond with this machine on a daily basis.
Field recordings taken at College of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Universidad de Buenos Aires.